This call has a unique objective to improve the quality of classroom teaching/learning. To fulfil this objective, Organizing Committee of ICCCCS-2016 invites experts to submit their notes and power point presentations in a zip/rar file to ICCCCS-2016 easy chair submission system. A unique category “Technical Notes and PPTS” has been assigned to these types of submissions. Each note must be self contained and it must contain all theoretical and experimental details. Its length should not be less than 15 pages. These notes must be original and presentation should be interesting. Here reviews will be carried out in a different manner. Reviewers will check the originality of notes and presentations. If they feel notes are original and presentation may be valuable for the audience, they will recommend these topics to the organizing committee of ICCCCS-2016.Organizing Committee of ICCCCS-2016 will arrange those deliberations as a Student/Faculty development program.

Experts (from INDIA) of selected presentations will be invited to present their notes before the audience. They will be paid honorarium for their notes and presentations. Depending on the qualities of notes, these presentations can be published in edited volume. Minimum time for presentation is 1 hour. After acceptance, ICCCCS-2016 will retain all rights of distributing and editing those notes to audience and students.


  • Distributed and Parallel Processing:

    • Parallel and Distributed Computing
    • High Performance Computing
    • Grid Computing
    • Cloud Computing.

  • Advance Software Engineering:

    • Automated Software Engineering
    • Web Based Software Engineering
    • Software Testing
    • Software Project Management
    • Software Processes and Workflows
    • Computer Aided Software Engineering
    • Component Based Software Engineering
    • Software Quality Assurance
    • Artificial Intelligence in Software Engineering.

  • Computer communication:

    • Computer Networks
    • Data Communications
    • Mobile Computing
    • Wireless Communication
    • Mobile Computing
    • Wireless Sensor Networks

  • Security:

    • Network and Information Security
    • Cryptography
    • System Security
    • Computer Security
    • Digital Signal Processing
    • Information Security
    • Data Encryption,
    • Forensics
    • Fraud Control
    • Intellectual Property Protection

  • Artificial Intelligence:

    • Robotics and Automation
    • Natural Language Processing
    • Fuzzy Logic
    • Knowledge Acquisition and Expert Systems
    • Design Automation
    • Reasoning and Decision Support Systems

  • Evolutionary Computing:

    • Genetic Algorithms
    • Multi-Objective Optimization
    • Computational Intelligence
    • Neural Networks
    • Evolutionary Algorithms
    • Differential Evolution
    • Combinatorial Optimization

Important Dates

Submission of NOTEs and Power Point Presentations by:   15 July 2016
Notification of Acceptance by:   20 Aug 2016
Final NOTEs and PPTs submission by:   30 Aug 2016