Registration Details:
Author Type Nationality IC4S-2018
Early Registration By:
September 10, 2018
Late Registration After:
September 10, 2018
Regular Author Indian INR ₹ 15,000 INR ₹ 18,000
Foreigner USD $ 400 USD $ 450
Student Author Indian INR ₹ 12,000 INR ₹ 15,000
Foreigner USD $ 350 USD $ 400
Indian INR ₹ 6,000 INR ₹ 7,000
Foreigner USD $ 150 USD $ 200

Registration Instructions:

1. Early Registration DEADLINE: 10th September 2018.
2. Each accepted paper must be accompanied by at least one author registration, otherwise it will be excluded from Springer-AISC
3. Each normal registration includes one paper publication in Springer AISC proceedings, a bag, a badge, proceedings, program schedule, and attending all technical sessions and social programs (tea/coffee breaks, conference lunches).
4. All attendees must register, but only attendee without paper publication can register with the attendee registration fee.
5. If more than one author/s of same paper wishes to attend the conference to present their paper, then one has to do full registration and others have to register as an attendee.
6. Only Full-Time Students are considered under Student’s Registration. If an author is Register as Student then he/she must show/send a copy of valid Student ID.
7. Everybody, who has paid the conference fees, will receive an official receipt at the conference venue.
8. The page limit for each paper is 8-10 pages. If your paper exceeds the limit, please pay a surcharge for your each additional page.
9. Surcharge for additional page/s: INR 1000*/USD 20 per additional page after 10 pages limit.
10. No CANCELLATION & REFUND of Registration Fee.
11. Please note that the registration fee is only for paper publication, attending the conference etc. Authors should bear all lodging and boarding expense on their own.

Registration Guidelines:
Here are the steps you have to follow in re-submitting the final version of your paper:

1. Please see the Springer’s FORMATTING REQUIREMENTS at download section of STRICTLY follow the requirements and REVIEWERS' COMMENTS for your paper, which are intended to help you to improve your paper before the final publication. The listed comments should be addressed carefully in your revision, as this acceptance is conditional on your appropriate responses to the formatting requirements and reviewers' comments in your revision. It is mandatory for all authors to incorporate all the changes suggested by reviewers else their paper will be excluded from conference proceedings.
2. Each paper must not exceed 10 pages including figures and references. Papers beyond TEN (10) pages are subject to page surcharges) and must not less than 6 pages. Your final paper MUST be submitted by September, 10th 2018. All papers must be re-submitted even if the reviewers indicated that no change is required.
3. In order for your paper to be published in the IC4S-2018 conference proceedings, a signed Springer Copyright-Form (Consent to Publish) must be simultaneously submitted for each your accepted paper. (Refer download section of
4. Register each your accepted paper to the conference by following instructions of registration:
5. Send Following to : (For Multiple Paper Registration, Repeat the Same Process for Each Paper)
    I. A copy of payment receipt generated by eazypay.
    II. Updated paper (Both in .doc and .pdf format), Strictly updated as per Reviewer’s Comments. All LaTex files in a single zip/rar file, if         LaTex is used.
    III. Responses to reviewer’s comments in a separate file.
    IV. Registration Form (Available at download section of
    V. Copyright (Consent to Publish) Form (Available at download section of
    VI. Scanned copy of valid full time student id if claiming for student’s registration.

Important Note: Your paper will be excluded from proceedings at any level of quality checks carried out by Springer. Conference organizers are not responsible if your paper detects plagiarism or any lack in quality reported by Springer after submission of final proceedings (camera ready copies) to Springer. Conference organizers are responsible for the technical quality of paper on the basis of reviews obtained. It is sole responsibility of author/s if their paper detects plagiarism even in later stages of quality check. No registration fee will be refunded in any case if your paper is excluded from proceedings by the Springer.

*Corrected after editor's decision.